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Cooking Makes us Happier!

American researchers found that even poor women who cook have a healthier diet than wealthy women who don’t.

As rates of home cooking decline, rates of obesity go up.

“To solve the obesity problem?  The diet for America is: Eat anything you want as long as you cook it yourself. If you could actually do that, any problems around food will disappear. Not much French fries, deserts; eating a healthier diet with no need to count calories!”

Don’t spend 60 minutes on watching Cooking Shows

You can’t smell, touch, or eat it!

Watch FoodPlay’s instruction videos, in minutes, you get wonderful foods!

To make life easier, the dishes videoed by FoodPlay typically add in less than 1 teaspoon sugar, less salt, less fat, healthier ingredients, flexible and inclusive to your daily cooking, serve 3-5 people, take 4-30 minutes, cost as little as $2 each serving, and bring happiness and accomplishment to you and your family!

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